Welcome to the Diamond Bar E. We are located about 18 miles north of Atkins, in the little town of Appleton.

We occasionlly offer horses for sale, some that we've started or tuned up, or some that we sale for other folks...
The horses we sale are just like we say they are, if they have a bad habit or certain issue then we let you know about it. All horses are 100% sound unless told other wise. We usually have a variety of horses, from ponies to rope horses. So take a look at our
Horses For Sale page and see if we got what you are looking for! And if not we can probably find it!

We also have handmade rope halters, from training to the popular mule tape halters, take a look at our halter page.

Pull up a chair and browse all you like. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and enjoy your visit!


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